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Mont Blanc Legend

15 Jan

So it would appear that I’m on a bit of a lucky streak with the billboards after the mortifying Max Factor experience. Having now almost completed Call of Duty (I still suck at multiplayer), the next ad is for the equally masculine Legend fragrance from everyone’s favourite pen and watch manufacturer, Mont Blanc.

Whereas most men’s fragrance ads will promote the notion that, by wearing their product you’ll increase your chances of luring hot women into bed, Mont Blanc’s ad is refreshingly understated. I certainly don’t recognise the man in the poster, but he exudes a rugged masculinity that I admire. He’s not surrounded by hot women or leaning on a sports car… hell, he’s wearing a turtle neck for Christ’s sake. That’s the kind of chutzpah I need and if Mont Blanc have somehow managed to bottle it with a pleasant odour then plug it to my veins.

Buying a bottle of Mont Blanc Legend was surprisingly straightforward and to be honest won’t make up the majority of this entry. With the exception of Dirty Dancing, I’ve paid for every item bought as part of New Billboard Day but am obviously keen to keep my outlays as economical as possible. For that reason I headed straight to eBay where I was able to buy a brand new 30ml bottle for only £23.59 with free P&P which arrived in just a couple of days.

Like the billboard ad, the packaging and indeed bottle are both confident and understated. The black box has some mountain-esque silver lines at the top and the bottle has a similar black/silver colour scheme, again showing an arch to connote France’s highest peak which Mont Blanc is named after. My only criticism with the bottle is that it’s impossible to tell how much you’ve got left, so I would always want to have a back-up if I ever took it on holiday incase I was caught short after a a couple of days’ worth of usage.

Both the Legend bottle and box are understated and mountain-y

Now I needed an environment within which to test out European confidence in a bottle. With my end of year office party fast approaching, I figured the Masquerade theme would be the perfect opportunity to test out my ability to draw women in without them knowing it was me. With their sense of sight incapacitated, surely their sense of smell would be heightened and I would be nothing short of irresistible. I admit it wasn’t the most fool-proof plan, but with no dates with women on the horizon it was the best I could do before the next billboard ad appeared.

Applying the fragrance for the first time I was very pleasantly surprised. I’ve written and re-written this paragraph 3 times but it’s almost impossible to describe a fragrance without sounding like a douche so please bear with me. Whereas as I was expecting a heavy, musky odour I would instead describe Legend as “zesty” with more than a hint of citrus. Having said that, there is no denying that this is a fragrance for men and it certainly isn’t ‘light’ or suited to teenagers like the Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce which I usually wear. Having bought a full face mask to ensure I was unrecognisable, I donned my best velvet jacket and black tie before setting off to the party.

Despite aspiring to look like Brendan Urie from Panic! At The Disco... I instead risked looking like a member of Slipknot attending an awards ceremony

Even with a full face mask, simply based on my hair the majority of people found me to be instantly recognisable. However, even when not prompted I still received positive feedback on my new fragrance. Two colleagues labelled it as “manly” which is, without question, an adjective rarely used to describe me and another female colleague asked what I was wearing because she liked it. Needless to say nothing happened with any of these women, nor would I have wanted it to given that they’re my colleagues. However, the advert conveyed the promise of confidence as a result of wearing the fragrance and I daresay that in that respect it did indeed deliver.

Maybe the fragrance did work after all...?

Since the party I’ve reverted back to my signature Fierce, not just because I like how it smells but almost as importantly it better suits my preppy style that I’ve taken years to perfect. That isn’t to say I didn’t like Mont Blanc’s Legend though. Whilst perhaps a little too manly to compliment the way I look and act, it really is a very pleasant fragrance which only generated positive feedback from members of the opposite sex. For now it has pride of place in my bathroom, but that’s not to say that if I had run out of my usual fragrance I wouldn’t gladly use Legend in the interim.

Forget Paris or Milan, it doesn't get much more exclusive than this venue in London


Fashion Targets Breast Cancer UK

15 May

The second billboard of my challenge and this time around I’m greeted by the carefree Cat Deeley throwing back her head and smiling at me whilst I stand in my underwear drinking orange juice out of the carton.  However, this ad isn’t all about fun and games, there’s a serious issue here which is targeting breast cancer and I’m keen to help in any way that I can. 

To be honest though, the ad itself doesn’t really make clear what in particular I have to do or buy which has put me off writing this article.  I needed to ensure I knew what I was getting myself into by researching it first and then actually doing it before writing this up… meanwhile the call of my PS3 and scratching myself on the sofa whilst watching Nickelodeon was far greater, but here I am eventually.

“Fashion” is apparently how Cat Deeley shows she cares.  For me, fashion is something I dip in and out of depending on who is the current popular male zeitgeist.  I’ll perhaps splurge twice a year on clothes that bear a similar resemblance to someone else who’s look I like (at the moment Oli Sykes and Justin Bieber) and of course I’ll always pillage A&F whilst in the states.  But otherwise that’s it.  Having said that, I currently need a new pair of shoes plus some chinos so the timing of this ad couldn’t be much better.  If in doing so I can help beat cancer, then there’s even more reason to brave the warzone that is Oxford Street on a weekend.

So, the first clue was to check out the Facebook page which the ad very kindly directs me to via the straightforward but surprisingly long search term “Fashion Targets Breast Cancer UK.”  It’s no wonder they only have 3,560 fans, I had to double check the ad a couple of times to ensure I’d written it right so the chance of anyone remembering it by the time they get home is pretty slim.  Still, they’re now at 3,561 thanks to me.

As I scrolled through the Breast Cancer “Look Book” (the list of applicable clothing items, not pictures of women affected by the illness), my heart dropped.  Every item was for women.  My personal favourite was the “Kate Skinny Crop” pair of trousers – for years people have said to me that the best skinny jeans are those made for women so I may have finally had an excuse to buy some.  I continued to scroll down and considered the “Kitten Bow Sandals” (for my sister, of course) which looked rather snazzy but I wasn’t sure what size she wears or if they were really her ‘thing’ anyway. 

At this point I was resigned to buying the £12.99 “Round Metal Slim Shades” from River Island until I scrolled right down to the bottom and to my relief found an elderflower water made by “Bottle Green Drinks.”  Looking up the company to find my nearest retailer, I also discovered that by “Liking” their page on Facebook they would donate 25p to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer UK so of course I did that too (taking them to a massive 2,279 fans – booyah).

Upon buying the drink, I can confirm it’s remarkably refreshing and sold at a rather costly £2.30 from Waitrose.  I may not have benefited from a new pair of chinos to support a good cause, but at least I was able to help in the fight against breast cancer whilst quenching my thirst. 

In all seriousness though, this is a really good charity and I would definitely recommend you check out their site and if possible show your support.  For more detail about what Fashion Targets Breast Cancer UK does, check out this video: